About INmagnetics

Our mission

INmagnetics’ mission is to help companies across many industries with permanent magnet applications with a focus on being a reliable partner for our customers. By looking at the bottlenecks in an analytical and solution-oriented way, new solutions are regularly created. It is important to strive for  functional and robust solutions. This, with the conviction that there is always room for improvement. Flexibility and collaboration support our right to exist.

Inmagnetics about us

Our foundation

INmagnetics was founded by Joep Spithoven in 2019, after more than seventeen years of experience within the magnetic industry. With both experience in mechanical engineering and magnetic solutions, the idea of providing magnetic solutions was obvious. Magnetism is a phenomenon that until this day is hard to explain. But for INmagnetics it is an opportunity to provide magnetic solutions to improve designs and products for our clients.

From engineering to production, Joep is the technical heart of INmagnetics. His years of experience in the magnets industry have gained him a tremendous amount of practical knowledge. With this knowledge, INmagnetics is able to provide its clients with the most optimal solutions.