Engineering of magnetic solutions


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At INmagnetics, we are specialized in the design and development of permanent magnetic solutions. We closely work with our customers in designing efficient and innovative magnetic circuits that contribute to the quality of your processes. With experience in designing solutions for almost every industry, we are able to provide your company with the right design, magnetically as well as mechanically.

INmagnetics gladly guides the project from design to  production and can assist with the installation of your solutions on sight. During the design stage, INmagnetics can adequately develop magnetic and mechanical solutions regardless the materials, environmental influence or order size and durability.

Simulations and 3D CAD Design

Inmagnetics Engineering

INmagnetics uses the most modern software applications when it comes to designing and making adequate calculations. We analyse and optimize the design of you magnetics solutions by means of the Finite Elements Method (FEM). During the calculations and simulations, we take into account the design demands, and we determine the optimum material choice and other aspects such as temperature, counterfield- influences etcetera. By running numerous simulations, we eliminate possible errors in the design, providing you with the optimal product.

Aspects that a simulations takes  into account are:


Field strength and peaks of the magnetic field over the surface.


Magnetic forces, internally and externally.


The performance under different temperatures and possible demagnetisation effects.


Shape and materials used.

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