The importance of inspection of magnets

The strength of a magnet ensures the quality of your processes and ensures the quality of the end product. In industries like the food industry, this becomes even more relevant as the magnets most likely are in place for filtering out metal particles from the production line. Finished products must comply with the HACCP, the international food safety standard.

What can be expected during an inspection?

INmagnetics inspects magnets on annual basis, or more frequent if needed. If the strength of the magnet is measured and complies with its original measures, INmagnetics hands out a certificate that counts as proof during quality inspections.

At INmagnetics, we know that inspections cannot take much time as your production line must be stopped. Our service engineer provides on-side inspection with a gauge meter and knows directly where to measure. This way, your production process will not be on hold for long!

Does your company need
magnetic inspections?

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