Magnetic Length Separator

Magnetic Length Separator

The MLS separates ferrous metals based on length.

It functions with a broad variety of products and industries, is insensitive for shape so products may be bent and even impure. If the parts are sufficiently magnetic, then the longest size of the object will decide whether the object gets selected.

Intended use:

This technique is originally designed for continues inline operation, for instance in the recycling industry. It can also be applied in the process industry, galvanic industry and even at laboratory scale or for quality control.

Specification MLS 800:

  • Separation size 5-180 mm
  • Belt width (effective) 800 mm
  • Size (LxWxH) 2200x1400x2000 mm
  • Mass: 1200 kg
  • Permanent magnetic
  • 400 VAC, 1,5 kW

The technique is scalable in size, patent is granted.

How it works:

Products are fed into the horizontal conveyor belt, which will bring them into a permanent magnetic field. When products are as tall, or taller than the separation size set in the machine, then the products will be picked up by a second belt. At a specific point the secondary belt will release the parts so they can be discharged. The way to discharge the large parts, depends on the type of product. This could be a shute, belt, vibration feeder etcetera.

Smaller and non-magnetic parts will continue on the horizontal conveyor belt and transported to the end of the machine.


Some products are difficult or impossible to screen conventionally. Initially, the technique was developed to sort the high-quality steel wires from shredded car tires according to length. Accurately sorted fibers can for example be used as reinforcement in composites like concrete, adding more value to the fibers and the environment (reuse instead of scrapping them).

With some minor adjustments, the technology proved capable of removing batteries such as the penlite (AA) and the mini penlite (AAA) from E waste, which reduces handpicking and benefits the environment.

Classic magnetic separators like plate magnets, overbelt magnets, headroller magnets etcetera, primarily function on magnetic force. In this new MLS technique, magnetism is used for sorting by length, whereby the extreme length determines the separation. The material may therefore be bent and warped in all directions. The machine does not unwrap the parts, just looks at the largest size as it is. By using permanent magnets, the process is stable, simple and energy effective, easy to use and maintain. The separation length is easy to adjust. The machine is designed to be placed in-line in the existing installation but can also be used as a stand-alone process. Note that’s It is important to apply the products well distributed and isolated on the conveyer belt.

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