Drum magnets

 A drum magnet consists of a partially magnetic component mounted inside the drum, which remains stationary while the drum rotates.

As the product is deposited onto the drum, non-magnetic material will fall off at a certain point, while magnetic material will adhere to the drum for a longer duration. Drum magnets are often enclosed in a box to channel the material and facilitate dust vacuuming.


Drum magnets are available in various designs, including ceramic (Ferrite) and Neodymium executions. We also offer a "particularly strong" execution. The choice depends on the product and your objectives. For instance, if you aim to remove coarse iron from a product, a relatively weak drum is the logical choice. On the other hand, if maximum iron removal is desired, especially for small iron particles or challenging materials like stainless steel, a stronger neodymium drum may be preferable.
It's worth noting that a drum that is too strong can result in excessive material being pulled along with the magnet, leading to excessive wear.
Would an adjustable drum magnet be beneficial for your application?

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