INmagnetics specializes in the design and production of customer-specific solutions and magnetic assemblies.

Calculations and Simulations

Calculations are done using computer modelling called Finite Element Method (FEM). The magnetic circuit forms the base of the design. Next, this magnetic design needs to be translated into a mechanical design.


With our expertise in designing solutions for various industries, we're able to produce a tailored design for your company. After consultation to understand your process requirements, we look at solutions that suits your situation best. Together with the optimal magnetic configuration, this becomes the input for a mechanical model, pre-set up using 3D CAD software we prepare for production.


INmagnetics has specialized extensively in the design and construction of all types of magnets and magnet configurations over the years. Our specialized tools enable in-house construction of various magnet configurations, with the flexibility for easy customization to meet customer-specific requirements.

We excel in prototype production, single pieces or series production. From small to very large, everything is possible.

In collaboration with trusted suppliers, we source all necessary semi-finished products, facilitating seamless assembly of the final product. Inspections and functional tests ensure the highest quality standards are met before packaging and safe transportation.

On-Site Inspection Services

While magnetic force typically remains stable over time, certain factors can cause permanent alterations:

  1. Temperature: Extreme temperatures can result in a permanent loss of magnetic force, depending on magnet arrangement and material composition.
  2. Corrosion. Some magnetic materials are not corrosion stable, leading to a gradual reduction in magnetic force.
  3. External Fields: Exposure to external magnetic fields can cause demagnetization, resulting in a permanent loss of magnetic force.
  4. Impact: Magnets are inherently brittle and susceptible to damage or internal breakage from hard impacts.

To ensure the integrity of magnetic systems, periodic field strength measurements are essential. Our on-site assessments provide valuable insights into the intensity of magnetic fields. By measuring the field strengths on location periodically, the intensity of the magnetic field can be determined. A clear report is drawn up after measuring, stating the measured machines, locations and measured magnetic values.

Fine-Tuning Your Magnetic Device

We can come up with a magnet solution beautifully on paper, but the magnetic device can only function optimally if installed and set correctly. The environment, the flow of goods, the positioning and the settings: everything has to be right. 

With more than 23 years of experience in the field of permanent magnetism, a lot of knowledge has been gained and we are happy to assist in fine-tuning magnet systems on-site with you, ensuring peak performance and seamless integration.